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New Hooks!

My honey spoiled me with a full 13-piece set of wooden hooks, with stand! They’re beautiful and glide like a dream! (Of course Miss Biscuit had to have a good sniff😸)


So many projects; so little time

I currently have six projects in various states of completion. 😂 Here’s one of them; my own design using cables for the first time! If it turns out as well as I’m hoping, I’ll be writing up the pattern and putting it on Ravelry!

Alien Invasion Returns

Finally getting back to it😂

Pattern by Snake Oil Strumpet.


There and Back Again by Helen Shrimpton of Crystals and Crochet.

New Yarn Stand!

My next door neighbor gave me his old microwave stand last night, and now my current project space is organized!

1st floor: library
2nd floor: winder and yarn (the cakes are for my current project, the skeins in the back are for my next project)
3rd floor: nicks, nacks, and notions

I love it so much! I don’t have to put my winder away between cakes. It’s bigger than what I was using before, so more space for everything! Whooo!

Approaching the Finish Line

There and Back Again

Pattern by Helen Shrimp ton
Round 90 of 95