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Christmas Hearts Throw


Christmas Aran Hearts Throw Update

CAL Updates

Sorry for the radio silence, friends… it’s hard to type with a hook and yarn in your hands! Here’s where I’m at with my multitude of projects…


Hooked on Sunshine

Part Two

This pattern is so pretty; it reminds me of gothic architecture with its columns and arches. I’ve started a second one, though I don’t seem to have a pic of it yet. Oops!

Wildfire Heather

Moo-tique Yarns

Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

This one just keeps getting better and better. I’m normally not one for red, but this one has really grown on me. There’s something to be said for raiding the yarn stash and seeing what you can come up with!


Wigglestick Designs

If you haven’t seen or heard of this pattern yet, and you love making afghans like I do, please please go check this out. The first of its kind; a choose-your-own-adventure pattern! The designer explains it better than I ever could, so click the link above to see what Nickie has to say! (This is my “tester” piece while I’m waiting for the right hook to come in.)

Otherwise, I’m just trying to get through these few things because my lovely hubby bought me the colors of yarn I need to start the Coddiwomple I’ve been dreaming up since I first found out about this pattern almost a year ago, when she was still designing it. My new blanket hook (I need a size “I” 5.5mm) should be here Saturday, so Sunday should be a lovely yarnie day for me!

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

CAL x2

I have yet to do a live CAL (crochet-a-long). Since I’ve only been crocheting for a few years, most of the CALs I do have been finished for quite a while by the time I find them. The good side is that I don’t have to wait for each part to come out, I can just go through the whole thing once.

But! I managed to catch the Hooked on Sunshine post before the “For…” CAL started, so I can finally do one along with everyone else! I also (almost!) caught the Mootique Yarns Wildflower Heather when it first started. (It’s up to Part Three, but I’m caught up now.) I’ve learned something with this doing two patterns at once.

Like authors, every pattern designer has a different “voice”.

I love to read. (Though books have taken a backseat to yarn these past three years.) There are a few authors that I really struggle with. For example, I really enjoy the Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series, but I struggle so much with Tolkien’s and Jordan’s voices that I’ve never made it all the way through either. (Not for lack of trying! I’ve read The Hobbit and the first four books of Wheel of Time so many times that they’re old friends now.) But sit me down with coffee and McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern or Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, and I’m eight books in before I even notice.

All that as a long-winded lead in to my personal reviews of the two CALs thus far. (YMMV; everyone reads patterns differently.)


Per the designer:

Sounds like a bit of an odd name For a crochet pattern, doesn’t it? But let me explain the idea behind my “madness.”
Coming up with names For my designs is always a problem For me. As a matter of fact, I hound my bestie, who names most of my crochet patterns. There are always those designs that just tell you what they want to be named, but there are always those that just will not tell you their names no matter how nicely you ask.
While I was working on this design, I had an idea to design a blanket For each of the women in my family and then to name that design after them, but naming a blanket Emily just seemed a bit bland. Emily’s what exactly? So, my brain continued to tick while I worked and in the process, I thought to myself, “It’s funny how we always make things For other people and very seldom For ourselves.” It’s always For my mom or For a friend or For someone I work with. And that I think is one of the greatest joys of crochet, the love we put into something we make For someone else.
I have made mine For Emily, who was my great-grandmother.
Who are you making yours For?

I’m making mine for my youngest. Vanessa’s writing style is similar to Helen’s, so I’m flying through this pattern pretty quickly. The intricate detailing in this pattern is amazing. I’m so taken with it’s beauty that I’ve already started a second that I plan to turn into a cushion cover. Part Two releases tomorrow!!!

The pattern is written for two colors, but I’ve learned that I do better with patterns when I do a “tester” first in one color so I can see stitch placement clearly. So my first is being done all in Mainstays Basic in Grey. I really do like this patter; there are plenty of highlighted hints, a handy stitch guide, and lots of pictures! Plus, there’s a Facebook group to ask for help if you get stuck!

Wildflower Heather

Through Part Two:

I’m not gonna lie, I struggled with this one a bit at first. Not the designers fault! I had a migraine the day I decided to start this one, so there was a lot of frogging and re-stitching going on. Yet another brilliant pattern by an amazing designer. She has a different “voice” in how she puts her rounds together, but by Part Three I had adjusted and was flying along. Very easy to read, lots of pictures, and loads of helpful hints.

Through Part Three:

Very much looking forward to more! This one is gorgeous, and I’m keeping it all to myself!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

More Catch-up…

Boy, life sure can get in the way of posting! This is just going to be another quick update, but I’m hoping to get some time to really sit down and write a decent post this weekend. Both the blanket and the booties have been finished and sent off to their respective homes.

Without further ado…

The Lite-Brite Blanket:

Black light

This neon yarn is reactive to black light! The pictures really do not do it justice; I’m going to try and get some better ones soon. It glows

Peppermint Stripes:

I love the little “bobbles” on the border! I used Mainstays Basic in Red and White, with my trusty size H Streamline Swirl.

Sacred Spirit

Corners are finally done! Now I can finally go all the way around again!

More to come… there are a lot more things in the wings, but some of those are secret for now!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Catching up

I’ve been pretty busy with orders, so this will just be a quick catch up post.

The custom baby blanket is almost finished, I just need to add the name:

The booties are almost finished, just need faces and sewing:

And the no-name granny square throw that I started only has 7 rows to go!

Sorry for the short post; more later once I’m all caught up!

Much love, peace, and yarn;