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More Catch-up…

Boy, life sure can get in the way of posting! This is just going to be another quick update, but I’m hoping to get some time to really sit down and write a decent post this weekend. Both the blanket and the booties have been finished and sent off to their respective homes.

Without further ado…

The Lite-Brite Blanket:

Black light

This neon yarn is reactive to black light! The pictures really do not do it justice; I’m going to try and get some better ones soon. It glows

Peppermint Stripes:

I love the little “bobbles” on the border! I used Mainstays Basic in Red and White, with my trusty size H Streamline Swirl.

Sacred Spirit

Corners are finally done! Now I can finally go all the way around again!

More to come… there are a lot more things in the wings, but some of those are secret for now!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Catching up

I’ve been pretty busy with orders, so this will just be a quick catch up post.

The custom baby blanket is almost finished, I just need to add the name:

The booties are almost finished, just need faces and sewing:

And the no-name granny square throw that I started only has 7 rows to go!

Sorry for the short post; more later once I’m all caught up!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Meet Walter!

Sorry I’ve been away; I got hit by my first migraine in years and it stuck around for awhile. Previously, I mentioned that I was expecting a new assistant/model for the shop. (I really dislike having my picture taken, but I need to start showing my items on a body instead of laying flat.) Without further ado; please help me welcome Walter Q. Bonez to the Stitchery!

Hey there! I’m Walter Bonez, previously a reporter at the Deathly Chronicle. I retired last year. When I heard the Jehn was looking for some help, I jumped on a truck and here I am! I’m excited to start work and help out around here.

Walter’s posts will be in image/scrapbook format. After writing for a living for so long, he has informed me that the most writing he’ll be doing is on the edges of his pictures since his memory is not what it once was. Welcome, Walter! I hope you’ll be happy here!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Spirit & Galaxy Blankets

I have spent most of the last few days working on the Sacred Spirit blanket. I’m currently still adding to the corners. Almost there! Two more rows and it’s finally back around the whole blanket!

But for now, that’s on pause. I just got in an order for a baby blanket. Yay! I love blankets! This one is going to use the Mini Galaxy of Change pattern by Frank O’Randle. I’m using my size H (5mm) Furls Streamline Swirl for this one. The colors chosen are purple, green, and red. Colors have been approved by the customer, so I’ll be heading to the store later to buy yarn! Hurray for new projects!


Yarn purchased and ready to go! (I bought one more ball of each than I thought I needed, just to be safe. I’m so tired of running out of yarn and not being able to find more.)

So now I’m off to get this new order started! Hurrah! (dances happily around the room)

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Fire Dragon, Part Two

He’s finished! Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Finished making and shaping his head last night before bed. Got up this morning and in between getting the kids into their virtual classes I got his wings, wing spines, back spines and belly made. Over the early part of this afternoon I’ve gotten him pinned and stitched together, so he’s done! I’ll be adding a listing to the shop later today for this little cutie.

Also, the buttons for Coraline came in, so she’s done too!

Also also… I don’t know if anybody’s noticed yet, but I’m not big on getting my picture taken. I’ve been wanting to get a dress form for a while now to take better pictures of my makes. (Most people would rather see an item being worn/used in photos than just laying flat on a piece of wood or a fence.) I’ve been saving up for it, but then yesterday inspiration struck! (I change my mind a LOT, in case it wasn’t obvious yet.) I want my shop to stand out a little, right? Right. So, let’s eighty-six the dress form, and instead…

I ordered a 5 foot skeleton!

He’s partially posable and has a lot of good reviews, so here’s hoping that Dr. Arthur Bones (as named by my eldest) helps bring more traffic to my shop! Expect to see lots of new pics starting Monday when he gets here. I’ll have to update all of my listings, but it’s gonna be worth it! I’m excited!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Fire Dragon, Part One

10:40 am

My hands ache, but I’m almost there! One more critter to do, and a plush heart to finish as soon as the yarn comes in, and I can get back to blankets! Hubby splurged on me and bought me the rest of the yarn I need for the Sacred Spirit I started last May, so I’m itching to get stitching on that one. It’s already huge and I’m only on part 6!

Before that, I need to finish this mini fire dragon. Yay! I do so love making fantasy critters, and especially dragons! I already know that I like this pattern, as it comes out of the same Cute Critters Pack as the unicorn.

Using stash yarn and my size F Ebony Streamline, I’m doing red for the main color and orange and yellow for the accents.

2:39 pm

Futzed around with the blog again because I can never make up my mind, but I also got the body, arms, and legs done on the fire dragon.

10:12 pm

He’s coming along so quickly now! I really like how fast these little critters are. I’ve completed the head and gotten his eyes in, so he’s finally got some personality! (Currently, that personality is listing like a drunken sailor, but it’s just the dry fit. I’ll get him pinned together better for final assembly.

I expect to have him finished by Wednesday night, which is when the yarn is supposed to arrive to finish the heart plush, so that’s perfect. See y’all tomorrow! (waves)

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Coraline, Part 2

She’s done! I finished the legs and feet yesterday morning. (There has to be a better way to do the feet, but I’m under a time crunch so I’m not figuring it out right now.) I also got her soles sewn on, and her head put together and attached.

She looks really wonky at this stage, but I’ve learned with amis that they all look weird until you get it all together and get the finishing details put on.

After spending the rest of the day working on her, she’s all done except for the eyes! (I’m waiting for the black buttons to come in.)

First I got her arms done and sewn on. They went smooth and easy. No troubles with understanding the pattern.


The coat was next. In trying it on, it’s a bit too long and the hood is too big, but not by much on either.

Finally, the part I’d been dreading. The hair. So many strands to loop… but worth it in the end. See for yourself:

Before her haircut

Now she looks like Coraline! If I ever make another there are a few things I’ll tweak, but overall I’m content with how she turned out. I’m really excited to see her once the buttons come in!

With that project done and dusted… I get to make a fire dragon next! Yahoo!

Much love, peace, and yarn;

Coraline, Part 1

I’m working on making Coraline using this pattern from Jackie Laing. I’m using yarns from my stash and my Furls Streamline Ebony, size F (3.75mm). She’s going to be bigger than I expected! (Not that that’s surprising; they all seem to turn out bigger than I think they will!)

Working on this has once again reminded me how much amis hurt. My fingers (and the webbing by my thumb) ache after a few hours, because the stiches have to be so darn tight. Even then, I have issues with the stuffing poking out sometimes. But most of them turn it so cute it’s hard to resist making them…

I had a few issues figuring it the shaping on the head, and ripped it out 3 times before just admitting that it’s supposed to be shaped that way. I have to go get black buttons, but I have some gold ones the right shape and size so I’ve pinned those on for now. With her nose and ears on, but no hair, she’s looking a little Charlie Brown-ish! 🤣

The body shaping went a lot smoother. The shoulders are nicely defined, which will make it easy to attach the arms later! And I like that the torso and skirt are all one piece; the less sewing I have to do at the end, the happier I am!

On to the legs! There’s a lot more to go, and I’m certainly not looking forward to hooking in all her hair, but she’s coming along nicely!

Much love, peace, and yarn;