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Finished! There and Back Again by Helen Shrimpton of Crystals and Crochet.

Fire Dragon, Part Two

He’s finished! Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself… Finished making and shaping his head last night before bed. Got up this morning and in between getting the kids into their virtual classes I got his wings, wing spines, back spines and belly made. Over the early part of this afternoon I’ve gotten him pinned andContinue reading “Fire Dragon, Part Two”

Coraline, Part 2

She’s done! I finished the legs and feet yesterday morning. (There has to be a better way to do the feet, but I’m under a time crunch so I’m not figuring it out right now.) I also got her soles sewn on, and her head put together and attached. She looks really wonky at thisContinue reading “Coraline, Part 2”

Roses and Mermaids

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Hope it’s treating you well! I didn’t get much done Sunday, and yesterday was spent finishing up Rose the Unicorn, so it’ll be a short update today. I got through 8 (or 9, I lost count), rows of the Cornish Mermaid blanket. Only 31 rows to go! Hopefully I have enough yarnContinue reading “Roses and Mermaids”