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Granny Hexi Cardi

Pattern from the Tube by Passioknit Kelsie, used RHSS in Mulberry and Amethyst, 6mm Furls Alpha hook.

Coddiwomple White

Coddiwomple by Nickie Chapin: foundation block with with foundation Mandala center substituted. Mainstays Basic Yarn in white with 6mm size J Furls Ebony Streamline.

SOS Alien Invasion Panel 1

Roses and Mermaids

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Hope it’s treating you well! I didn’t get much done Sunday, and yesterday was spent finishing up Rose the Unicorn, so it’ll be a short update today. I got through 8 (or 9, I lost count), rows of the Cornish Mermaid blanket. Only 31 rows to go! Hopefully I have enough yarnContinue reading “Roses and Mermaids”